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My Three Suns

A Fishful of DollarsA Big Piece of Garbage
Production number1ACV07
Reviews written4
Overall rating78%
Voice actor performance93%
Animation quality83%
Music/sound quality80%

Written by cyber_turnip on 11 July 2010.

Overall rating:6
Voice actor performance:10

Another of the first season's weaker episodes in my opinion -though still FAR from being bad.

The storyline is quite cool but for some reason, I always find it quite anti-climactic. I can't really justify this because the climax is there. It just doesn't work for me on a personal level. Like 'Fear of a Bot Planet' this episode also suffers from bland visuals. Everything is yellow or orange and whilst that was fairly unavoidable given the plot, it does prevent me from liking the episode as much as others.

Finally, it's also lacking in the humour department. Don't get me wrong, it IS very, very funny; it's just less funny than the 6 episodes that it followed. Futurama is capable of so much more.

Overall, not a bad episode. Just not a particularly special one either.

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Written by totalnerduk on 11 July 2010.

Overall rating:8
Voice actor performance:10
Animation quality:8
Music/sound quality:8

This is one of my favourite episodes - a strong contender IMO for the best of the first season. It's funny, bizzare, and involved the PX crew doing what they do best - delivering cargo and making screwups.

With a solid plot, and fantastic artwork and animation, it's a visual treat, and with great voice acting and a strong score, it's an audio treat as well. Very few cartoons have this sort of quality lavished on them.

Once again, this episode delivers background jokes, nerd jokes, and good old fashioned "just plain funny" very well. It does feel a little spartan due to the lack of a sideplot, but makes up for it by being well paced. This stands as one of Futurama's high points for me. The PX crew delivers yet again!

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Written by speedracer on 31 July 2010.

Overall rating:7
Voice actor performance:7
Animation quality:7
Music/sound quality:6

So, what happens when you visit a planet inhabited by liquid beings and drink the emperor? You become the new emperor, obviously. "My Three Suns" is an episode where some completely bizarre concept from the Futurama universe gets stretched to its ultimate conclusion. It's completely insane, yet it holds together logically and is hilarious.

While Fry, Leela and Bender go shopping for exotic groceries in a sketchy neighborhood of Little Neptune, Fry runs afoul of a shady street doctor, and after rescuing him Leela lectures Fry about his naivete. The crew then set off to deliver a package to the planet Trisol, and after a particularly salty meal by Bender and the burning heat of Trisol's three suns leave Fry completely parched, Fry drinks a bottle which happens to contain the emperor, thus acquiring the throne. Things quickly turn sour, however, after it is revealed that the emperor is still alive in Fry's stomach and the people of Trisol attempt to violently extricate him from Fry's person. The litany of liquid gags are consistently funny, and very few episodes come even close to exploiting Fry's shortsightedness and obtuseness as cleverly as "My Three Suns" does.

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Written by Sanfazer on 24 March 2011.

Overall rating:10
Voice actor performance:10
Animation quality:10
Music/sound quality:10

"You're in tremendous danger, you idiot! Half these emperors were drunk at their own coronation."

"Hey, I plan on having a few brewskis myself."

"My Three Suns" is one of the funniest episodes of "Futurama". The title itself, a reference to the sitcom "My Three Sons", is also quite funny. The cold opening always gets me smiling. And there are plenty of great debuters: Elzar, Bender's cooking, and "Good news, everyone", the Professor's catchphrase. But enough with technicalities.

The Planet Express crew is sent to the planet Trisol, and Leela puts Fry in charge of the delivery. After arriving in the palace, Fry, crazy with thirst, drinks a bottle of strange, blue liquid, which turns out to be the Trisolian emperor. He is declared the new emperor and reunited with his friends. However, it is later discovered that the previous emperor is still alive in Fry's hurting stomach, and suddenly the Aliens are threatening his life with swords and the strangely menacing Juice-A-Matic 4000.

This "Futurama" classic is one of my favourite episodes of all time, its plot almost epic, yet very simple. If you've already seen it, or even own it on DVD, please download it and watch it again.

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