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Bender Gets Made

The Deep SouthMother's Day
Production number2ACV13
Reviews written1
Overall rating80%
Voice actor performance100%

Written by cyber_turnip on 11 July 2010.

Overall rating:8
Voice actor performance:10

This is my favourite Bender-centric episode by a considerable amount and my favourite episode by this point into the show.

The plot sees Bender getting involved with the robot mafia. First up, every member of the robot mafia is an inspired character and everything to come out of their mouths is comedy gold. Secondly, they allow for an interesting crime-driven plot which is a bit of a break from the usual Futurama. One things I really love about this episode's storyline is that Bender is an anti-hero rather than a hero. He's doing bad things and in pretty much any episode of most shows to do the same sort of plot, the character behaving badly would get moral comeuppance -but not here. It's quite refreshing that this episode doesn't have a moral leg to stand on.

Plot aside, this is a comedy-driven episode and the jokes are fast and strong as ever.

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