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Leela's Homeworld

Kif Gets Knocked Up a NotchLove and Rocket
Production number4ACV02
Reviews written2
Overall rating85%
Voice actor performance100%
Animation quality80%
Music/sound quality90%

Written by AdrenalinDragon on 11 July 2010.

Overall rating:8
Voice actor performance:10

An interesting episode in where we learn about Leela's origins. Again, its one of those Futurama episodes that sacrifices alot of its humour to demonstrate the plot. Unlike That's Lobstertainment though, this one was kind of touching and well structured, and the jokes worked when they needed to.

We learn that Leela was actually a mutant and her parents gave her up as a baby so that she didn't learn the truth. This is only because Leela chased them to a dead end, almost killing them before Fry reveals who they are. The episode ends on a sweet emotional note showing Leela growing up, and her parents were actually always there to support her. Again, I'd rate this episode quite highly just on the plot, but maybe if we had too many jokes in it though, it might have ruined the atmosphere. Overall, Leela's Homeworld was a good flashback episode and I'd rate it somewhere in the 8/10 region.

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Written by cyber_turnip on 17 July 2010.

Overall rating:9
Voice actor performance:10
Animation quality:8
Music/sound quality:9

A great episode. It's a very plot-heavy one, but in my opinion, that's a good thing. The jokes certainly aren't bad and this has a huge revelation for the series which has been building since the start of the show. On top of the storyline having a fair bit of scope and dealing with the sewer mutants (an aspect of the show I've always liked), there's a gigantic emotional core. It's genuinely very touching at the end, but in a happy way which makes a change for the show as it usually gets emotion through sadness.

The visuals are wonderfully interesting, as is pretty much always the case when the characters go into the sewers. The animation itself doesn't always live up to this, but it's still quality stuff.

It's rare for me to enjoy a Leela-episode as much as this as I find her the least interesting character out of the show's three leads, so it's saying quite a lot that I cared so much for her throughout this one. This episode proves that Kristin Gore was hired for her talent rather than her dad.

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