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A Taste of Freedom

Less than HeroBender Should Not Be Allowed on Television
Production number4ACV05
Reviews written2
Overall rating45%
Voice actor performance90%
Guest actor performance70%
Animation quality80%
Music/sound quality70%

Written by cyber_turnip on 18 July 2010.

Overall rating:2
Voice actor performance:10
Guest actor performance:7
Animation quality:7
Music/sound quality:5

The 2nd worst Futurama episode of the original run. Terrible.

The plot is dull, but worst of all, it's just not very funny. It's all set in New New York, so no cool alien planets and sexy animation to be found here and whilst I could cope with all this if it was hilarious, most of the jokes fall horribly flat.

That's not to say that the episode is all bad. It has some brilliant gags dotted about, they're just less frequent than is usual in Futurama and when I say it's a terrible episode, that's only compared to the brilliance of usual Futurama.

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Written by totalnerduk on 13 July 2012.

Overall rating:7
Voice actor performance:8
Animation quality:9
Music/sound quality:9

This is a very funny episode, and one of the best of Season 4. Zoidberg's trial, the invasion, and the decapodian Mobile Oppression Palace are in particular a treat to watch.

The animation is gorgeous, the jokes are some of the best, and there are precious few things that a rational viewer would be able to find fault with.

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