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Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles

Crimes of the HotThe Why of Fry
Production number4ACV09
Reviews written2
Overall rating95%
Voice actor performance100%
Animation quality80%
Music/sound quality80%

Written by AdrenalinDragon on 11 July 2010.

Overall rating:10
Voice actor performance:10

One of the funniest Futurama episodes I've ever seen. Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles was funny throughout the episode, with the introduction of Farnsworth's Gargoyle Pazuzu and the return of Leela's parents as well. The plot of the episode is quite interesting, following what the crew would look like when they were teenagers and younger.

The episode begins with Farnsworth trying to find his Gargoyle Pazuzu in a very funny and in character representation of being old. The crew decided he needs to be younger and take him to a youth spa. The plan backfires when they all fall into the aging goo and they are all younger versions of themselves again. Farnsworth tries to fix the problem but will it be too late? Nevertheless, the episode featured many funny quotes from all of the characters, and it was just top notch on all places. Overall a 9.5 rounded up to a 10/10 score!

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Written by cyber_turnip on 18 July 2010.

Overall rating:9
Voice actor performance:10
Animation quality:8
Music/sound quality:8

This is one of Futurama's funniest episodes. The plot is a simple cartoon cliche (everybody reverts to being children) but it's pulled off with such wonderful panache that you really don't care. Somehow, I barely even cared that Bender was shown to have grown up from a little robot (which completely contradicts continuity as we've already seen Bender's birth).

The lack of caring is most probably down to the episode being absolutely hilarious. It's just wall-to-wall gags and they're mostly all great.

This is an example of Futurama when it's in full plot and comedy swing -the only thing that stops it ranking alongside the all time greatest episodes is that they had more emotional depth -but this sort of episode isn't suited to emotional depth so you can't hold it against it.

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