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All the Presidents' Heads

Fry Am the Egg ManCold Warriors
Production number6ACV23
Reviews written1
Overall rating50%
Voice actor performance90%
Animation quality100%
Music/sound quality80%

Written by totalnerduk on 8 July 2012.

Overall rating:5
Voice actor performance:9
Animation quality:10
Music/sound quality:8

This episode takes continuity, throws it into a bag, and jumps up and down on it. Honestly, there is no excuse for doing that.

It's funny, and it's a visual treat. The highlight of the episode is the brief pan across the "British" version of NNY, with hoverbuses and Tube transport tubes (that'll make little sense if you've not seen it), in a riot of colour and subtle jokes and references to other famous sci-fi franchises.

But as far as the plot goes, I'd rather ignore this being canon. It makes the unified time travel laws for the Futuramaverse go a little screwy.

For that reason, I'd have trouble giving it more than 5/10, even if the British accents hadn't been absolutely horrible (though hilarious in their own way).

Oh, and Benjamin Franklin was one of the best guest historical celebrities that the show has had.

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